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The mission

- in short.

We're on a mission to revolutionize the music industry. In today's world, success too often depends on social media followers, not talent. We started in 2018 with little knowledge but a big dream: to create a platform that empowers musicians and artists to take control of their careers. After years of persistence and learning from setbacks, we're proud to introduce a groundbreaking multiplatform. It's built on the principles of teamwork and technology, designed to help artists build their networks and enhance every aspect of their creative journey.



Upload every sample you want to share with the collaborators

Smart tagging on every sample you upload for easy filtering

Invite your connections or friends into a project for easy distribution with shared reveneues


Get your song to all major streaming services

Share the revenues when releasing from projects (collaboration)

Easy managing and tracking of your releases

AI Mastering

We provide a state of the art AI Mastering service for all users. That can be used directly from the work-dashboard

There is more..

Find artist connections

Looking for a specific artist to add something to your music project. We help you with that.


See everything work related when as soon you log in.

More features on the way....


The place to begin
  • Get access to Unisonify
  • Find artists and start collaborating
  • Distrubute to all major streaming services
  • Ai mastering access

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