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πŸš€ Exciting News!

After years of dedicated development, we're thrilled to announce the relaunch of our platform! - And that means...

πŸŽ‰ Free Access Until June 6th!

Dive in now and explore all features at no cost. This free period is part of our stress test phase, and we're eager to hear what you think. Your feedback is invaluable and will help us enhance the platform further.

πŸ’¬ Got Feedback?

Encounter a bug or have a suggestion? Reach out directly through our dedicated development contact line. Your input directly influences improvements and helps us refine the platform.

πŸ“† What Happens After June 6th?

Good news! The core system will remain free. For those who want more, we're introducing modular add-ons at just 1 Euro/month per module. Customize your experience by choosing the features you need - each module is designed to enhance your usage and can be cancelled anytime, ensuring you have complete freedom to shape your subscription.

πŸ”§ Tailor Your Experience

With our modular approach, you decide when to enhance your platform capabilities. Enjoy the flexibility of adding or removing features as your needs evolve, maintaining full control over your subscription package.


Collaboration in projects

(Core Feature)

Main Project

Simple and powerful workspace Easy downloading of files to your DAW and upload to the project.

Tagging in projects

Easily group files using custom tags, enhancing collaboration efficiency.

Invite other users to collab

All samples and files are owned by the uploader but can be shared equally among collaborators.

Every collaborator receives shared revenue from releases

Project Chat

Each chat is linked to its respective project, yet easily accessible for streamlined communications.

Collaborator Request

Post a public request visible to all users to receive collaboration offers and expand your artist network

Releases & Distribution

(core feature)

We distribute to every streaming service in the world

& all the others..

Easy overview.

Share revenue from collaborative projects effortlessly.

Effortlessly manage and track your releases.

Advanced AI Tools

AI Mastering - Standard

(Core Feature)

Our standard offering includes state-of-the-art AI mastering, a simple yet powerful service accessible to all users. Designed to meet the needs of typical users, it's intuitive and effective.


(Module - Add-on Feature)

Introducing our cutting-edge vocal extractor tool, designed to separate vocals and instrumentals seamlessly.

User Profiles

Details on Profiles

(Core Feature)

User profiles display comprehensive information with clarity. Direct links enable easy access to streaming platforms or detailed bios.

Users can showcase their talents effectively, facilitating collaborations by uploading talent videos directly for others to view."

The mission

- in short.

We're on a mission to revolutionize the music industry. In today's world, success too often depends on social media followers, not talent. We started in 2018 with little knowledge but a big dream: to create a platform that empowers musicians and artists to take control of their careers. After years of persistence and learning from setbacks, we're proud to introduce a groundbreaking multiplatform. It's built on the principles of teamwork and technology, designed to help artists build their networks and enhance every aspect of their creative journey.

There will be more...

Be part of the development - we listen to your requests

Join us today - help build a better tomorrow for artists and musicians.




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